November 18, 2018

Where you can find gluten & dairy free doughnuts

Over the last couple of years I have come across lots of gluten and dairy free doughnut options, and as they are one of my favourite things to eat, I thought I’d put together a little guide to where you can find gluten & dairy free doughnuts in the UK, mainly London, so you guys can enjoy them too! Here are some of my favourites which I’d definitely recommend trying!

Borough 22
Borough 22 are a gluten free, dairy free, soy free & vegan baked doughnut brand, created by Ryan. They are available in a variety of different flavours, including my absolute favourite – vegan nutella, along with the delicious ‘cereal crumb’, which tastes just like a bowl of milky frosties! Borough 22 are stocked in numerous places across London including Selfridges, as well as Selfridges Birmingham & Manchester too! They are also available for delivery on Fridays, where you can also order their delicious ‘mini signature’, as well as being available for weddings, events & more!
Ruby’s of London, Greenwich Market
Ruby’s of London are another London based gluten free & vegan doughnut brand that are based in Greenwich Market and will certainly not disappoint! Their flavours range from chocolate fudge to raspberry and white chocolate, as well as their famous ‘doughnut cupcakes’, where you get the best of both worlds! They are also available to order online for delivery to Greater London.
Leon Restaurants 
Ruby’s of London doughnuts are also stocked in all Leon restaurants across the UK, where they sell 2 of their most popular flavours – white chocolate and pistachio & chocolate chai.
Floris Bakery
In my opinion, Floris doughnuts are definitely the most similar doughnut I’ve come across to regular gluten and dairy filled ones! Again, they are London based and available at Broadway Market on Saturdays and Stroud Green market on Sundays. Fried, sugary and delicious! Floris doughnuts are available in a number of flavours including classic jam, custard and chocolate along with some more jazzy flavours such as Eton mess & peanut butter!
Norah’s Brownies
Norah’s brownies sell the most delicious variety of ‘Bronuts’ (Blondie doughnuts), and although they aren’t your traditional ‘doughnut’, they are still amazing! They are gluten free, dairy free, vegan & refined sugar free and are available at Broadway market on Saturdays, along with available for delivery too. Flavours include raspberry, toffee apple, rhubarb crumble, chai and banana bread!
Eat n’ Mess
Eat n’ Mess are a gluten free café based in Sevenoaks in Kent as well as at Broadway Market on Saturdays. They have such an amazing selection of cakes, and have recently started selling a gluten & dairy free almond ring doughnut, topped with bright pink icing and sprinkles – delicious!
Nibsy’s Reading
Nibsy’s are an entirely gluten free café based in Reading town centre, with lots of dairy free options too! Every time I am in Reading I can’t help but visit, and always pick up one of their gluten free & vegan cinnamon sugar doughnuts to go, always amazing!
So there you have it, my top choices for gluten and dairy free doughnuts! Of course, you could always have a go at making your own too, click here for my recipe!
These can be made in a variety of flavours including cinnamon sugar, jam, sprinkles, chocolate and more!
Alice x

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