June 12, 2020

Chocolate cookie squares! (Gluten & dairy free)

My gluten and dairy free cookie squares are soft and chewy, filled with both dairy free milk chocolate and dairy free white chocolate and drizzled with even more chocolate – what’s not to like?! They are super easy to make and take just 10 minutes to put together and 20-25 minutes to bake in the oven. If you do make this recipe I’d love to see! Don’t forget to tag me in your photos over on social media!

Frequently asked questions 

Which butter do you use for the cookies?

For this recipe (and the majority of my bakes) I use the Stork ‘perfect for baking’ 250g gold packet butter which is naturally dairy free and available in most major UK supermarkets. Note: This is the only Stork butter that doesn’t contain milk so be careful to pick up the right packet.

If you can’t get hold of the Stork butter, I would recommend using a hard butter block instead of a soft spread for this recipe.

Which baking tin do you use for this recipe?

I used a standard 20cm square baking tray to make my cookie bars, you can purchase one by clicking here

How long will the cookie bars last?

They will last in an airtight container for up to 3 days but is always best served on the day you make them.

Which dairy free chocolate chips do you use?

For this recipe and the majority of my baking, I use the Moo Free Dairy Free Baking Chocolate Chips which are available in both milk and white flavours.

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Chocolate cookie bars (GF, DF)

Prep Time10 minutes
Cook Time22 minutes
Servings: 9


  • 110 g dairy free butter (I use the Stork 'Perfect for baking' gold packet – see FAQs)
  • 75 g granulated sugar
  • 100 g light brown sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 220 g gluten free self raising flour
  • 1/4 tsp xanthan gum (omit if your flour blend already contains this)
  • 1/4 tsp sea salt
  • 1 tbsp cornflour
  • 100 g dairy free milk chocolate chips (plus extra for drizzling on top, optional)
  • 50 g dairy free white chocolate chips (plus extra for drizzling on top, optional)


  • Preheat your oven to 180°C and grease and line a 20cm square springform baking tray.
  • Add your dairy free butter, light brown sugar and granulated sugar to a large mixing bowl and whisk with an electric whisk until light and fluffy.
  • Add your egg and continue to whisk. Add your vanilla extract and whisk again.
  • Add your self raising flour, xanthan gum, cornflour and sea salt and mix well to form a dough.
  • Fold in the dairy free chocolate chips.
  • Transfer the mixture to your prepared baking tray, ensuring it's pressed into all the corners. Bake for 20-25 minutes, until golden brown on the top. Mine took around 22 minutes.
  • Remove from the oven and leave to completely cool in the tin. Once cool melt your extra dairy free chocolate and drizzle on the top. Allow the chocolate to solidify and cut into squares.


Note: Baking times will vary depending on the size of your baking tin. I would recommend using a 20cm square springform baking tin for this recipe. 

I absolutely love seeing what you’ve created, so if you do make this recipe (or any other recipe from my website) don’t forget to tag me over on my social media pages @glutenfreealice and use the hashtag #glutenfreealice

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16 responses to “Chocolate cookie squares! (Gluten & dairy free)”

  1. Ashley says:

    What brand of self raising flour did you use? Thanks!

  2. Chelsea says:

    Is cornflour a necessity? I don’t have any 😢

  3. Angela says:

    I made this today, it’s very crumby, what did I do wrong……it tastes good though

    • glutenfreealice@yahoo.com says:

      Hi, They shouldn’t be crumbly if you leave them to cool in the tin before cutting them. x

  4. Ruth Morris says:

    Mine was crumbly as well and was raw in the middle after 25 minutes. I had to cook for another 15 minutes

    • glutenfreealice@yahoo.com says:

      Hi Ruth. I’ve made this recipe quite a few times now and have never had this issue. However cooking times can vary depending on the size of your tin and how thick the bars are. The end result can always vary depending on which brands of ingredients you use too. Alice

  5. Ruth says:

    Hi Alice, I made them again using the branded ingredients as per your recipe and they were perfect. Fabulous cookies, thank you so much 🙂

  6. Sophie Morris says:

    I absolutely LOVE this recipe. Used the exact ingredients stated and turned out perfect, trouble is I want to eat them all the time x

  7. Hannah Edwards says:

    When it comes out over is it supposed to be fully cooked or soft in middle ?

    • glutenfreealice@yahoo.com says:

      Hi Hannah, It will still be a little soft when it comes out the oven. They will continue to firm up as they cool.

  8. P.P says:

    Hello as egg isn’t dairy free, what would you recommend as a replacement?

    • glutenfreealice@yahoo.com says:


      Dairy free means free from any milk product therefore this recipe is dairy free, eggs are a separate thing altogether. Sadly I haven’t tried this recipe with any egg replacer so I can’t help here. But do let me know if you try any.


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