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If you have allergies, intolerances, coeliac disease or are restricted in what you can eat in any way, you will know that thinking of meal ideas every week can be tricky! As you all know, I’m gluten & dairy free so can often become stuck in a rut of eating the same meals each week, purely on the basis that it’s quick and easy. That’s why I was so excited when I was contacted by Gousto, a recipe box company, to try out some gluten free meals from their recipe box.

Gousto are an online company that send out the ingredients for different meals each week, with plenty of gluten and dairy free options to choose from too! The idea is you choose how many days you’d like meals for as well as how many people will be eating, and you will have the choice of which recipes you’d like to choose from. With gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian and plant based options, Gousto has something for everyone, and the recipes also change on a weekly basis, so you will always have something new to try! In fact, Gousto has the most choice of all UK based recipe box companies, as well as being the cheapest, starting at just £2.98 per person, per meal!

I picked the 4 day recipe box, with meals for 2 people (you can choose from 2 or 4 people). The recipes I decided to try were:

-Indian spiced chicken tray bake with potatoes and spinach

-Smokey fish and sweetcorn curry

-Classic shepherds pie and spring greens

-Indian beans, egg and sweet potato chips

One of the great things about Gousto is you can pick a delivery slot, so you know exactly what time your delivery will be arriving. The food comes in a large cardboard box with a chiller bag for all of the fridge ingredients. I was so impressed with how quick an easy each of the recipes were to create, as well as delicious, who wants to be stuck in the kitchen for hours after getting home from work! The ingredients come pre measured with a detailed recipe cards, which is suitable for anyone including beginners! Here’s how each of my recipes went and looked.

Indian spiced chicken traybake with spinach

This was probably one my favourite recipes of the week, the Indian spiced chicken traybake with spinach was packed with flavour, and is definitely going to become a firm weekly meal choice in our household, in fact, I’m making it again this week! This dish has all naturally gluten free ingredients, as well as all dairy free ingredients apart from the natural yoghurt which I swapped out for plain dairy free yoghurt.

Smokey fish and sweetcorn curry 

The second recipe we tried was the smokey fish (basa) curry with rice. We don’t eat a lot of fish in our house and I had never thought to make a fish curry before, purely because Jake isn’t a massive fan, but we both thoroughly enjoyed this dish, which is bursting with flavour and all naturally gluten & dairy free.

Classic shepherds pie and spring greens 

I’ve not made a Shepherds pie for ages, but after trying this dish, I will be making it more regularly! I made the classic shepherds pie in individual dishes, and topped mine with dairy free cheese instead of normal to make the whole dish gluten & dairy free.

Indian beans, sweet potato chips and egg 

The final recipe we tried was the veggie Indian beans, sweet potato chips and egg, which turned out to be one of my favourites of the week! The beans were bursting with flavours and the fried egg on top just made the dish. I’d never think to make this sort of dish, so loved trying something new!

I’ve never tried a recipe box before, but after this positive experience with Gousto, I will definitely be continuing to use them more often, made better by the fact that there are options for me, even with the fact that I’m unable to eat gluten and dairy. Thank you to Gousto for sending me out a delicious box to try.

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Alice x


This post has been sponsored by Gousto, however all opinions are my own. 


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