Gluten & dairy free eating in London

London is one of my favourite places to go to find gluten and dairy free food options. There are so many places that cater for people with allergens and dietary needs and I love trying out all of the amazing options dotted around the city. I have been on various trips to London recently and have sussed out all of the best gluten and dairy free food spots to share with you guys. From breakfast, lunch and dinner to lots of yummy sweet treats, you won’t go hungry in London! Here are some of the places I have been loving.

Beyond Bread

Beyond Bread is an entirely gluten free bakery based in 3 locations around London; Charlotte place, Islington and Selfridges Food Hall. They specialise in gluten free pastries, cakes and bread, with lots of dairy free options too! My favourite is the vegan falafel and roasted vegetable panini and the blueberry muffin.


Niche is an entirely gluten free restaurant located near to Angel tube station in Islington. Their speciality is the gluten free fried chicken, but they also have plenty of other options which will suit everyone, with very clear labelling on what is also dairy free and vegan. I went for the baked salmon with lentil and dill sauce and the banoffee cheesecake.


Continuing the theme of entirely gluten free restaurants, Leggero is another one of my top choices in London. Located in Soho, Leggero offers plenty of delicious gluten free Italian dishes, with most of them also being dairy free too! Whilst there, we tried lots of the amazing dishes including the homemade focaccia with vegetables and vegan cheese and a potato and beetroot timbale stuffed with mushrooms and vegan cheese to start. For mains we had homemade sorghum tagliatelle with a Bolognese sauce and duck breast served with red berries. For dessert we had an almond and orange cake served with dairy free cream and it was delicious.


Yorica is an entirely gluten free, dairy free, vegan friendly and nut free dessert shop which specialises in ice cream, crepes, shakes and fro-yo! Yorica is based in 2 locations around London, Wardour Street and Notting Hill and is a delicious, tasty treat which will have you in your element.

Flat Iron Steak 

I was recommended Flat Iron Steak by fellow Instagram friends and was very impressed! Flat Iron Steak can be found in various locations around London including Soho, Covent Garden and Shoreditch and is exactly as it says on the tin, a steak restaurant. The staff were very knowledgable of allergens and I thoroughly enjoyed my steak, chips and salad.

Deliciously Ella Deli 

Deliciously Ella has 3 delis based around London; Milkwood Road, Weigh house Street and Seymour Place which all serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. Everything at the deli is gluten and dairy free, and I enjoyed a delicious breakfast of coconut yoghurt, original granola, almond butter and apple and berry compote.

Brickwood cafe 

Brickwood Cafe is an Australian themed cafe dotted in various locations around London including Tooting, Clapham, Balham and Streatham. Although not specifically mentioned on the menu, the cafe serves plenty of gluten and dairy free options with delicious gluten free sourdough bread. I went for ‘The Butcher’ which included poached eggs, gluten free sourdough toast, maple bacon, mushrooms, sausage, hash nuggets and tomato.

Free from Bakehouse, Borough Market 

Free From bakehouse is an award winning gluten free, wheat free and dairy free bakery specialising in amazing cakes and treats. Based in Borough Market from Wednesday-Sunday, Free From bakehouse sells tasty cakes including their famous Battenberg and Pecan Pie!

Indian Street Food, Borough Market 

I stumbled across an incredible gluten free and vegan street food stall in Borough Market recently and couldn’t resist trying one of their dishes. I went for the ‘moong dal dosa’ which is a spiced lentil crepe made with moong beans and rice filled with masala potatoes, served with Chana chaat: chickpeas topped with red onions, homemade chutney, pomegranates and coriander! If you are passing Borough market, I 100% recommend trying this tasty dish and I can’t wait to go back.


Chipotle is a Mexican fast food restaurant which has recently been accredited by Coeliac UK and is dotted in various locations around London. I went for a salad bowl with lots of Mexican beans, rice, salsa, chicken, onions and guacamole and it was delicious. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to take a photo, so you will just have to take my word for it.

Floris Foods 

Floris Foods is a gluten free bakery based in Broadway market on Saturdays and Stroud Green market on Sundays. They sell a variety of gluten and dairy free doughnuts, brownies, oreo cookies and more. Their speciality are the custard and s’more doughnuts and peanut butter s’more brownies which are delicious! Make sure to head to the markets early before they all sell out.

Broadway market 

Broadway market is home to an abundance of gluten and dairy free food stalls including Floris Foods mentioned above. They also have various other stalls including Eat and Mess, which sells chocolate s’more cheesecake and various different cakes as well as an amazing gluten free and vegan pancake stall called Osu Coconuts. There is also a stall called “Meringue girls’ with the most beautiful gluten and dairy free meringues. If you are gluten free or dairy free, I definitely recommend going to check the market out on a Saturday.


Ruby’s of London 

Ruby’s of London is a vegan patisserie which specialises in gluten free cakes and doughnuts and can be found in Greenwich Market on Saturdays and Sundays as well as in various Leon stores. I tried the amazing gluten free and vegan rose pistachio flavour doughnut which is a vanilla and cinnamon doughnut topped with rose infused white chocolate, rose petals and pistachio, yum.


Leon is a fast food restaurant that focuses on healthy food, with lots of gluten and dairy free options. You can find Leon all over the UK, but the majority of stores seem to be located in London. One of my favourite dishes is the gluten free, dairy free and vegan rainbow mezze salad served with falafel, hummus, salad, beetroot, cauliflower and olives.

Planet Organic 

Planet Organic is an organic health food supermarket which can be found in various locations around London and is the perfect place to pick up a free from ‘on the go’ lunch or treat. Planet Organic also has a cafe with lots of amazing cakes, breakfast options and hot dishes which are perfect for anyone suffering with allergies or intolerances. At Planet Organic you can also find delicious Borough 22 gluten free and vegan doughnuts!


I’m sure you have all heard of the coffee chain Pret and in London you will find a Pret store around every corner you turn! This is perfect as they have some delicious gluten and dairy free options such as the acai and almond butter bowl and various chia pots, as well as delicious soups for lunch. It’s always good to know that a well known coffee shop caters for people with allergies and intolerances, and is a great option if you are unable to find anything else to suit your needs.

The Bach 

The Bach is an amazing coffee, breakfast, lunch and brunch spot based in Broadway Market and in Hoxton. They sell plenty of gluten and dairy free options from toasites, to fritters, brunch plates, cakes and waffles! The chef is actually Coeliac to understands all about cross contamination issues! I went for the gluten free ham, chutney and tomato toastie with kumara fries. Also check out the amazing gluten and dairy free coconut and mango waffles!

So there you have it, all of my top picks for gluten and dairy free eating in London, I hope this has been helpful if you are going to be visiting London and are on the hunt for food you can eat. As you can see, there are so many options and plenty that I’m still yet to try so if you have any more recommendations let me know!

Alice x



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  1. June 17, 2018 / 1:03 pm

    I’m looking for somewhere to take my gluten and dairy intolerant cousin for dinner in London and this is INSANELY helpful, thank you!!!!! 😍

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