February 14, 2018

New gluten free goodies by Nairn’s

I was recently sent an amazing package from Nairn’s, with lots of their new Gluten Free goodies to try. If you haven’t heard of Nairn’s before, they are the UK’s number 2 Gluten Free producer, with a versatile and varied range of products including Gluten Free Crackers, Biscuits, Flatbreads, Porridge Oats and more. They recently invested £6.5 million in a ‘state of the art’ Gluten Free bakery in Scotland where all their Gluten Free products are made, meeting the standards approved by Coeliac UK. I know some people are unsure about eating oat-based products, but oats are naturally Gluten Free, and Nairn’s oats are carefully farmed to ensure there is no cross contamination throughout the growing and milling process. Unlike lots of other Gluten Free products on the market that contain unhealthy fillers, the Nairn’s range is made to a simple recipe containing natural ingredients.

Here are the amazing goodies I was sent to try and how I used them, along with my thoughts:

Gluten Free Flatbreads (Original and Rosemary and Sea Salt)

Available in Sainsbury’s for £1.75

Note: Produced in a factory that also handles milk.

One of the newest products that Nairn’s have released are these Gluten Free Flatbreads, which come in 2 different flavours – Rosemary and Sea Salt and Original. These flatbreads are made with wholegrain oats and are the perfect light and crispy alternative to a sandwich for lunch. The flatbreads only contain 55 calories, so is the ideal option for people on a healthy diet or people looking to cut down on bread. The flatbreads are also full of natural ingredients, are high in fibre, packed full of wholegrain oats, contain no preservatives and are suitable for vegetarians. To show the versatility of these flatbreads, I came up with 4 different toppings, including both sweet and savoury options.

All of these toppings were delicious but I’d also love to know what toppings you would go for. How would you top your flatbreads?

Gluten Free Snackers

Available as single packets in selected UK supermarkets, 40p each

Note: The cheese snacker’s contain milk, the paprika and salt and vinegar are made in a factory that also handles milk

The Nairn’s Snackers range officially launched in 2014, but has been reformulated to be Gluten Free and given a new look. The Snackers come in 3 tasty flavours (Cheese, Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar and Smoked Paprika) and are perfect for people looking for a healthier baked ‘crisp like’ snack that doesn’t compromise on taste. I am personally a huge snacker and so a cheap, tasty and healthy snack alternative is perfect for me. They could be used on the go, in your lunch box or as a desk drawer snack and are suitable for the whole family! A definite winner in terms of a healthy, filling and reasonably price snack.

Gluten Free Scottish Porridge Oats

Available in Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrison’s, Waitrose for RRP £2.99

Note: Manufactured on equipment that also handles milk.

Nairn’s Gluten Free Scottish Porridge Oats contain wholegrain Gluten Free oats and absolutely nothing else and are perfect for a healthy start to your day. The oats are Gluten Free, dairy free, suitable for vegans and are milled in uncontaminated conditions. Use the oats for breakfast, porridge bowls, smoothie bowls, baking and more! Here are 2 of the delicious porridge bowls I have made using the oats including:

Gluten Free Chunky Biscuit Breaks

Available in various UK supermarkets for RRP £2.00

Note: Made in a factory that also handles milk.

These Chunky Biscuit Breaks are the ideal mid morning treat, to keep you going between breakfast and lunch. They are a chunky version of the popular biscuit breaks range and come in 2 tasty flavours:

The biscuits come in a handy pouch pack, making them easy to pop in your bag and enjoy them on the go. I personally love these biscuits and they have been a necessity in my bag as a mid morning treat!

Gluten Free Astro Bites

Available in Tesco, Asda, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s and Morrison’s for RRP £1.85 per multi pack (of 5)

Note: Chocolate Astro bites may contain traces of milk.

Astro Bites are the perfect fun snack for packed lunches or an after school teat for the little ones. They are a tasty and delicious snack with 40% less sugar than the average children’s biscuit, with no artificial colours or preservatives.

So there you have it, a little overview of some of the newest Nairn’s products that I’m extremely impressed with. If you have any questions about the products, drop me a message and if you try any, let me know what you think.

Alice x

This post has been sponsored by Nairn’s however, all opinions are my own and I only ever work with brands I know and love.

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