January 31, 2018

January favourites

It’s the end of January so it’s time for my very first monthly favourites of the year! I asked over on my Instagram whether you guys wanted me to continue with these posts, and 99% of you said yes so here we go! If you haven’t read one of these posts before, it’s basically a chance for me to show all of my gluten and dairy free favourites throughout the month whether it be products, eateries, cafes, restaurants, recipes or anything food related! So here goes, this is what I have been loving throughout the month of January:

Asda free from garlic and coriander naan 

One of my top finds from the month are the new gluten free garlic and coriander naans from Asda which also contain no milk or egg! Gluten free naan bread is something that hasn’t been available in the UK for a while and when Marks and Spencer’s released a Made without wheat version at the start of the year I was very excited, but quickly disappointed with how dry they were. The Asda version are tasty, good value for money and the perfect side for a  delicious curry!

Mark’s and Spencer’s made without wheat hot cross buns 

Talking of Mark’s and Spencer’s, one thing I have been loving are the new gluten free hot cross buns! They are super fruity and perfect toasted for breakfast and served with dairy free spread.

Made without wheat hoisin duck wrap 

Another Mark’s and Spencer’s product I have been loving this month is the new hoisin duck wrap. Previously, all of the M&S gluten free wraps have contained milk so I haven’t been able to try them however, this new wrap has no milk and tastes amazing!

Deliciously Alchemy rice flake porridge 

I’m a huge porridge fan, but find that too much can cause me to be really bloated so these Deliciously Alchemy rice flakes are the ideal breakfast alternative! They taste just like normal porridge oats and I have been loving heating these in the microwave with either almond or hazelnut milk and topped with various nuts, seeds, fruit and peanut butter!

Las Iguanas 

I tried Las Iguanas for the very first time this month and I loved it! They have a gluten free and vegan menu and the staff were fantastic in regards to dealing with allergens. I ordered the veggie chilli with gluten free corn wraps and holy guacamole place with tortillas which was all gluten free, dairy free and vegan and was very tasty. I will 100% be returning!

Borough market Indian street food 

I took a trip to London this month and stopped by Borough market to pick up some lunch from the Indian street food stall. I picked up the gluten free and vegan moong dal dosa which is a spiced lentil crepe made with moong beans and rice filled with masala potatoes, served with Chana chaat: chickpeas topped with red onions, homemade chutney, pomegranates and coriander! I’ve honestly never tasted something so delicious and would 100% recommend trying it!


If you haven’t heard of Gato before, they are a fairly company that specialise in gluten and dairy free desserts that contain no refined sugar, are less than 200 calories and have an added superfood! I have been loving trying each of the flavours this month including the chocolate and aubergine fondant with spirulina, the chocolate and coconut brownie with chia seeds and the orange and cardamon polenta sponge with turmeric. The photos below show some of my creations using the puddings including a version with coconut yoghurt and berry compote and a version with dairy free ice cream and berries.

My gluten and dairy free Battenberg 

My gluten and dairy free Battenberg cake went down a treat this month and is a recipe I’m so happy with! Battenberg used to be one of my favourite types of cake back when I could eat gluten and dairy but it’s been years since I had a slice. Click here for my recipe.

Ruby’s of London doughnuts 

Ruby’s of London are a vegan patisserie who specialise in gluten and wheat free cakes and doughnuts. I picked up the rose pistachio flavoured doughnut whilst in London which is a vanilla and cinnamon doughnut topped with rose infused white chocolate, rose petals and pistachio and it was delicious. I can’t wait to try more!

Pizza Hut 

If you missed my blog post last week, pizza hut are now working with Violife so they can offer vegan and dairy free pizzas. I was invited to the launch night and was so impressed with the amazing gluten and dairy free pizza choices. Click here to read all about the new launch.

Violife grated mozzarella 

It’s so difficult to find a tasty dairy free cheese alternative, but I have definitely found my favourite in Violife grated mozzarella. This gluten free, dairy free and vegan cheese melts fantastically. See below for photos of the cheese melted on my homemade GF/DF lasagne and homemade GF/DF cheesy garlic flat breads.

So there we have it, my gluten and dairy free favourites for the January 2018! I hope you have enjoyed this post and I will be back with more next month.

Alice x

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  1. I need to get my hands on one of those doughnuts!! I’ve had a tip off that a Leon near where I work stocks them – I’m heading straight for it on Monday lunchtime!! 🍩😋

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