January 24, 2018

Gluten & Dairy free pizza! Violife cheese launches in Pizza hut

Last night I was very kindly invited to the Pizza Hut and Violife vegan cheese launch night. Yes, you read correctly, Pizza Hut are now working with Violife so they can offer vegan pizza’s! If you haven’t heard of Violife before, they are a fantastic vegan and dairy free cheese brand who have always stood out in terms of offering a dairy free cheese that actually tastes like cheese! I know there are already a few pizza chains that offer vegan cheese, but I personally never thought a restaurant like Pizza Hut would introduce this as an option and it just goes to show how many restaurants are getting involved in catering for everyone (including vegans and people with dairy intolerances).

I arrived to the event with fellow food blogger @abellyfullofbryony (follow Bryony for all things gluten and dairy free, as well as amazing advice for dealing with Crohn’s) and was greeted by the friendly Violife PR team who took us downstairs to the private event room. One thing I was slightly apprehensive about was with it being a vegan event, would there by many gluten free options? But of course they catered for us coeliacs too with not just 1, but 4 different gluten free and vegan pizzas! I tried the margherita style, the veggie option which was topped with all the peppers, onions and mushrooms you could wish for, the heavenly veg option which was topped with tomatoes, olives and rocket and the hot veggie option which was topped with various different spicy vegetables. I have to say, they were all incredible and I couldn’t resist going up for seconds!

One of the problems I’ve found with vegan cheese in the past, is the fact that it doesn’t melt and can be really tangy (In my opinion some supermarket branded vegan cheeses are TOTALLY inedible) however, with Pizza Hut using Violife cheese, this was not a problem! The cheese melted perfectly and tasted just like normal pizza! In fact, I could almost go as far as to say it was the best gluten and dairy free pizza I have tried to date. Even some of the other girls at the event who are not gluten or dairy intolerant, complimented how delicious it was.




So I guess you are now wondering when this will be launching in your local Pizza Hut?! The answer is now! Violife vegan cheese has already been launched in several stores across the UK, with the rest of the stores launching imminently. Pizza Hut also do takeaways and I personally cannot wait to be able to order a gluten free, dairy free and vegan pizza on a Friday evening, yum!



I was also very lucky to be given an amazing goodie bag at the event containing various different Violife vegan cheese types including their best selling cheese slices, grated mozzarella, creamy cheese and their Greek feta. I’m very excited to use the feta cheese to create an amazing greek salad, and the mozzarella to make homemade pizza’s and cheese toasties which will be such a treat! If you are interested in trying Violife products, they are available in most major UK supermarkets including Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Asda!


I hope you are all as excited as I am about this amazing new launch and if you have any questions about Violife or Pizza hut, drop me a message and I will try my best to help! Gluten free and vegan pizza is the way forward😊.

Alice x


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  1. AJ says:

    Oh this makes me wish I lived in the U.K. There is one pizza place that does vegan gf pizza around me, but the cheese is inedible!!! Those toppings sound great too:)

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