December 2, 2017

November Favourites

Happy December everyone! It’s definitely the most wonderful time of the year and I have already decorated the house, eaten countless mince pies and started the Christmas shopping. I personally cannot wait until Christmas and have been absolutely loving trying all of the amazing Free From Christmas options that are currently available at the moment. I have to say, there are so many delicious options this year which I have included within this favourites post. Also, apologies that this post is slightly late this month, I have been super busy recently and haven’t had the chance to write it up.

So here goes, here are my monthly favourites for November and just to pre warn you, there are lots (as usual)!

Tesco Free From lemon meringue pie 

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A few weeks ago Tesco released a Free From lemon meringue pie and I couldn’t be happier! This used to be one of my all time favourite puddings, so finding out that I can get a gluten and dairy free version is incredible. This can be picked up from the chilled isle in Tesco for just £3.35, which I think is pretty reasonable. Simply pop in the oven for around 15 minutes and enjoy. The box states that this pie serves 6 people however, me and Jake managed to polish it off in one sitting , oops.

Nutribrex coconut and crispy rice 


I was very kindly given a box of the Nutribrex coconut and crispy rice breakfast cereal whilst at the Allergy and Free From show in Liverpool a few weeks ago. Nutribrex are basically a gluten free version of Weetabix and can be brought in most major UK supermarkets for between £3 and £4. I have been absolutely loving eating these for breakfast, warmed in the microwave and served with almond milk, banana slices and raspberries. These are the perfect quick, easy and filling breakfast for cold mornings before work and I have already finished off a box! If you want to read my whole review of Nutribrex, click here.

Cafe Nero ham hock & spiced plum chutney gluten free roll 


This amazing gluten free Christmas roll is available to buy over the Festive period in Cafe Nero for £3.55. I’m not normally a huge fan of ready made gluten free rolls, as I find they can be very dry however, this is definitely my favourite yet! The spiced plum chutney tastes delicious and compliments the roll perfectly.



Another coffee shop that I have been loving this month is Pret. I never used to be a huge fan of Pret due to the lack of gluten and dairy free options however, I feel like they have recently upped their game. My favourite breakfast option is this acai berry breakfast bowl which combines acai purée, gluten free granola, almond butter, apple, pomegranate and banana. I have also been loving the dairy free coconut milk hot chocolate!

Sainsbury’s gluten free coated chicken breast fillets 


Another fab new product that I have been loving this month are these gluten free breaded chicken fillets by Sainsbury’s, which retail for £3.50. These crisp up perfectly in the oven and taste just like normal breaded chicken! A definite recommendation for a quick and easy dinner served with homemade chips.

Nush dairy free yoghurts 




I was very lucky to win a competition over on Instagram and was sent these amazing dairy free yoghurts by Nush. These yoghurts come in almond milk and cashew milk flavours and are all gluten free, dairy free, suitable for vegans and contain no refined sugars. I have been loving serving this yoghurt on pancakes, on porridge or simply with granola. Nush yoghurts can be brought in Waitrose or Tesco for £2.15 and taste great!

Asda’s Free From Christmas range 





If you haven’t been to Asda recently, you need to head down! They have released a range of Extra Special Free From Christmas products which taste incredible. My favourites are the chocolate yule log (£4.50), the Roddy the reindeer cake (£6.00) and the free from truffle collection (£4.50) which are all gluten and dairy free. Click here to read all about the new Christmas Free From range at Asda.

Flat Iron Steak, Covent Garden


I was recommended Flat Iron Steak by fellow Free From food bloggers @abellyfullofbryony and @theglutenfreesuitcase and was extremely impressed! Flat Iron Steak is a restaurant that can be found in various different locations around London ,including Covent Garden. I was so impressed with the quick service, the staffs knowledge of gluten and dairy free options, the quality of food and the price! If you love steak, you should definitely try the restaurant out.

The Co-Op soups 



If you didn’t already know, the Coop are the first UK retailer to launch an entirely gluten free range of own brand soups,  which is amazing. I was very kindly sent over a variety of flavours to try and have loved them, especially the tomato and lentil soup which is also vegan. Perfect served with the gluten free artisan tiger bread by Newburn Bakehouse. Coop soups retail for £2.60 per carton.

Aldi Mediterranean style falafel and hummus 


I love shopping at places like Aldi, mainly because of the great prices, however often find that there aren’t as many gluten and dairy free options on offer. One thing you can get your hands on though, are these tasty falafel pieces and houmous. They are both gluten free, dairy free as well as being suitable for vegans and only £2.00. A perfect and reasonably priced option for filling wraps and sandwiches or topping a salad.

Pure Bakes 




Pure Bakes are an amazing small Free From brand that specialise in versatile and delicious bakes, which are free from gluten, milk, dairy, soya and any nasties! Pure bakes are perfect heated in the microwave and served with sweet or savoury toppings. To read more about Pure Bakes, Click here for my recent review.

The Foods of Athenry mince pies 


Over the last month I have eaten LOT’S of mince pies to find my favourite Free From version. Out of all of the brands I tried, the Foods of Athenry starry mince pies were my favourite and although they are pricey at £4.50 a box, they are most definitely worth it. They taste very luxurious and are gluten free, dairy free and suitable to vegans. Click here to read all about the various mince pies I have tried over the last month.

Tesco Finest cod fillet and sweet potato fishcakes 


These sweet potato and cod fish cakes with a gluten free crumb can be found in the ‘normal’ fish section in Tesco and retail for £2.65. I have been loving having these as a quick and easy dinner served with new potatoes and vegetables.

Beyond Bread


I finally got the chance to visit the amazing Beyond Bread last weekend and was very impressed. Beyond Bread is an entirely gluten free bakery based in Charlotte Place, London that serve a variety of pastries, waffles, pancakes, sandwiches and cakes. If you are just gluten free, you will be in pastry heaven but as I am also dairy free, there weren’t so many options. I was however, still very impressed with the falafel toasted sandwich with tahini and peppers and the blueberry muffin and would definitely recommend popping in if you are also gluten intolerant or Coeliac.

So there you have it, all of my amazing November favourites which, believe it or not, I had to cut down! I hope you have enjoyed this post and if you get a chance to try any of them, let me know what you think.

Alice x

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