November 23, 2017

Freefrom mince pie options

With it officially only being a month until Christmas, I thought it was definitely about time to start the Festive blogs, and is there any better way to start than with a blog all about freefrom mince pies?! I have spent the last month taste testing numerous different freefrom mince pie brands, and thought I would share with you my honest thoughts and favourites! Here are all of the freefrom mince pies I have come across which are all gluten and dairy free and can be brought in the UK. You can also scroll to the bottom of this blog to find out my top mince pie picks!

Sainsbury’s iced mince pies, £2.00 

Possibly the most beautiful looking mince pies I have ever seen, Sainsbury’s glittery iced mince pies are the perfect accompaniment for a christmas party and ideal for anyone with a huge sweet tooth, like myself.


Sainsbury’s mince pies, £2.00

If you aren’t a fan of iced mince pies, Sainsbury’s also offer a traditional version which again, are both gluten and milk free! However, I have to say, these aren’t one of my top choices as the pastry isn’t as great as other brands.


Asda mince pies, £1.50

Asda have most definitely upped their game with the freefrom christmas food this year, and the mince pies do not disappoint! They are one of the cheapest options I have found this year but also one of my favourites.


Waitrose mince pies, £2.50

Waitrose mince pies are slightly more expensive than all of the other supermarkets versions and I was slightly disappointed by the taste. The filling was tasty however similar to the Sainsbury’s mince pies, the pastry wasn’t great.


Aldi mince pies, £1.49 

Unfortunately, I was very disappointed by the Aldi mince pies this year. It’s great that supermarkets like Aldi are offering a reasonably priced freefrom mince pie alternative however, I just didn’t enjoy the taste!


Morrison’s mince pies, £2.00

Morrison’s are another supermarket that have upped their game when it comes to freefrom christmas products this year. Their gluten and milk free mince pies are a delicious option which I would most definitely recommend!


Lovemore mince pies, £1.98 

Another great freefrom mince pie option this year are the Lovemore version. If you haven’t already heard of Lovemore, they are a totally gluten free brand specialising in gluten, wheat and milk free cakes and biscuits. I picked up these mince pies at the recent Liverpool allergy and freefrom show and was very impressed!


Tesco mince pies and spiced pear pies, £2.00

The Tesco mince pies are very similar to Asda’s version, which gets a thumbs up from me! They are super crumbly and buttery, with plenty of filling! As well as mince pies, Tesco also sell a christmas spiced pear pie which is a perfect alternative if you aren’t a mince pie person!

The foods of Athenry starry mince pies, £4.50

These are by far the most expensive freefrom mince pie option this year, but in my opinion, most definitely worth it! The Foods of Athenry mince pies are my top pick for this year and the crumbly pastry is just perfect!


We Love Cake mince pies, £1.79

We Love Cake mince pies can be picked up in Iceland for a very reasonable price. As well as being gluten free, these mince pies are also a vegan option!

IMG_0238 copy

Costa mince tart, £2.10

Costa have recently released a gluten and free and vegan mince tart which is so huge, you may need a friend to help you finish! This is perfect alongside a christmas coffee and it’s great that coffee shop chains now offer freefrom options.


So there you have it, all of my gluten and dairy free mince pie finds so far this year. If you have tried and enjoyed any other brands, do let me know as I love trying now products!

Now for my top 4 picks which I would definitely recommend trying this Christmas:

  1. The Foods of Athenry starry mince pies 
  2. Lovemore mince pies 
  3. Asda mince pies 
  4. Morrisons mince pies 

Alice x

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