October 31, 2017

October favourites

It’s time for another monthly favourites blog, how quickly is this year going?! This monthly favourites ranges from new gluten free products you can buy in supermarkets to my current favourite recipes, as well as some new restaurants and cafes I have been loving. The one thing in common with everything mentioned below is that it is all gluten and dairy free! You might also find some christmas related products starting to sneak into my favourites now, because I am a sucker for anything christmas related and can’t help myself when it comes to mince pies, turkey or anything festive! I hope you enjoy this post and I would love to know any of your monthly favourites, I’m always keen to try new products!

Deliciously Ella apple, cinnamon and raisin oat bars 

Deliciously Ella has recently released 3 amazing flavoured gluten free ‘oat bars’ made using gluten free oats. The 3 flavours are cacao, apricot and coconut and my favourite, apple, raisin and cinnamon which taste delicious! Deliciously Ella oat bars are the perfect mid morning snack with a cup of coffee and can be picked up in Tesco.


Marks and Spencer’s turkey feast sandwich

I’m so excited that Marks and Spencer’s have released their turkey feast sandwich early this year, meaning we have extra time to enjoy the amazing flavour! The sandwich is filled with turkey breast, stuffing, bacon and cranberry sauce wedged between 2 slices of brown gluten free bread. Another perk of the sandwich is that 5% of profits goes to Shelter, so eating these sandwiches on a weekly basis doesn’t make me feel so guilty!


Superfood bakery morning dreamer pancake mix 

I recently won a competition on Instagram so was sent a packet of the Superfood Bakery morning dreamer pancakes made with baobab powder. This pancake mix is gluten free, dairy free and wheat free and can be mixed with almond milk and eggs to create the perfect pancake. I have to say, I’m normally useless when it comes to making pancakes and never seem to get the consistency right, however these were so easy to make, and the one pack made 3 different breakfasts! See below for all of the amazing pancakes I made with various different toppings.





Dairy free Baileys! 

Baileys recently sent me a bottle of their new Baileys ‘almande’ to try, which is a gluten and dairy free alternative to normal Baileys. As someone who is coeliac and intolerant to milk, it’s amazing that brands are coming out with freefrom alternatives. As well as tasting amazing, the bottle is absolutely beautiful and I can’t wait to have this at christmas! Baileys Almande is new to the UK and can currently only be brought in Wholefoods.


Tesco chocolate eclairs 

Tesco have upped their game recently, and brought out lots of new freefrom products. I wrote a whole blog about this a couple of weeks ago, click here to read the blog. My favourite product I have tried so far from all the new releases are the gluten, wheat and milk free chocolate eclairs. These eclairs are delicious and I would definitely recommend these as an indulgent dessert.


Moma almond butter and salted caramel porridge 

Another new release to Tesco recently is the Moma, almond butter and salted caramel porridge pot. I’m already a huge fan of Moma but was so excited to hear about this new flavour, as it’s my ideal combination! These pots are perfect to have as a quick breakfast, or to take with you to work. Simply add hot water and you are ready to go!


Leggero, London 

Last week, I visited London for the day and went to the amazing Leggero for lunch. Leggero is a totally gluten free Italian style restaurant situated in Soho with plenty of dairy free and vegan options too. I was amazed at how tasty all the food was and can’t wait to go back again! To read all about my visit to Leggero as well as all the delicious food I ate, click here.


Gluten and dairy free homemade lasagne

Not being able to eat gluten or dairy can be a pain, especially when it comes to thinking of dinner ideas. However, with supermarkets starting to expand their freefrom ranges, it’s making things much easier! One dish I have been really enjoying making this month is lasagne. I use the Asda freefrom lasagne sheets and the freefrom white sauce, which combined with a homemade bolognese sauce and baked in the oven, is perfect!



I always used to struggle in Pret, because I could never find anything to eat that was both gluten and dairy free. However, recently Pret have released some new gluten and dairy free products including the acai and almond butter breakfast bowl, the dairy free bircher, the mango chia pot and the dairy free chocolate chia pot. I have also been loving the gluten and dairy free soup which comes in a range of flavours including tomato, vegetable tagine and a variety of chicken flavours.







Frais healthy living, Shirley 

Frais is a coffee shop and healthy eating snack bar located in Shirley, Solihull. I visited for the first time a few weeks ago and was amazed at all of the amazing gluten and dairy free options. The majority of items on the menu are gluten and dairy free including pancakes, waffles, bagels, salads and plenty of cake! I tried a gluten and dairy free waffle topped with maple syrup and fruit, a pumpkin spiced latte made with almond milk as well as a piece of avocado and courgette cake. It all tasted incredible and if you are ever in the area, I would definitely recommend paying them a visit.




Ben and Jerry’s non dairy chunky monkey ice cream 

As everyone probably knows by now, Ben and Jerry’s have released 3 non dairy ice cream flavours in the UK. Of the 3 flavours, the only one that is also gluten free is the Chunky Monkey which is a banana flavoured ice cream with walnuts and chocolate chunks. After contemplating whether it was worth buying (due to the rather large price tag!), I gave in and absolutely loved it! A delicious indulgent treat that I finished off very quickly!


Asda freefrom mince pies 

Another Christmas related product that I have been loving this month are the Asda freefrom mince pies. I’m a huge mince pie lover, so have been on the hunt to find my favourite and so far, these have topped the list! They are the perfect consistency as well as being the cheapest ones I’m yet to try!


Jamie Oliver’s 5 ingredient meals cookbook 

I picked up Jamie Oliver’s new 5 ingredient cook book in WH Smith’s a few weeks ago and have been really enjoying trying out various new recipes. My favourite recipe so far have to been these amazing asian salmon fish cakes made with salmon, lemongrass, chilli jam, coriander and ginger. A perfect healthy meal which I served with salad, new potatoes and Tesco’s amazing gluten free olive bloomer.


Mr Organic Dairy free chocolate spread 

I picked up this Mr Organic dairy free spread in Waitrose recently and have to say, it’s absolutely incredible! I used to love chocolate spread before finding out I was milk intolerant, and have never been able to find a dairy free alternative that lives up to the chocolate spreads I can remember. However, Mr Organic most definitely exceeds everything I have tried before and if you are also milk or lactose intolerant, you need to try this!


So there you have it, my October favourites! I hope you have enjoyed this post and if you get round to trying any of the above mentioned products, recipes, restaurants or cafes, I would love to know your thoughts.

Alice x

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  1. AJ says:

    Oh my, I want everything on your list!! I may also need to come live with you so I can enjoy this range of gf/df products!!🤣

  2. I have the Jamie Oliver cook book too, it’s full of great ideas 🙂

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