October 26, 2017

Gluten free dining at Leggero London

I was recently  lucky enough to have the chance to visit and try out the amazing gluten free menu at Leggero, London. Leggero is situated in the heart of Soho and serves a range of fresh and handmade Italian food, which is all gluten free! The restaurant combines traditional Italian food with a modern touch, with options such as ravioli, tagliatelle and focaccia! As well as being entirely gluten free, the restaurant is also fantastic for other allergens and has plenty of dairy free and vegan options too. I am also giving 2 of you the opportunity to win a £30 Leggero voucher, so head over to my Instagram page (@glutenfreealice) for the details on how to enter!


If you are a Coeliac or gluten intolerant, I’m sure you have been through the anxiety of going out for a meal and worrying whether your food will be 100% gluten free. With Leggero, you can sit and enjoy your meal without having to worry about any cross contamination issues, or whether the staff are aware of the impact that consuming gluten could cause. The staff in Leggero have amazing knowledge of food allergens, as well as the importance in making sure that your meal is suited to your needs.


For a starter, we ordered the homemade Focaccia with vegetables and vegan cheese, as well as the potato and beetroot timbale stuffed with mushrooms and vegan cheese. For someone like me, who is Coeliac and intolerant to milk, the fact that I was able to order this sort of starter was amazing and such a treat. There is also plenty of other starter options such as homemade hemp bread, arancini, chickpea polpette, butternut squash flan and lamb meatballs!




For mains, you have the choice between picking a variety of ‘Small plates’ or a larger ‘Main course’. We went for the duck breast served with red berries and the handmade ‘sorghum’ tagliatelle with bolognese sauce, which was all delicious! There are also plenty of other choices such as courgette burgers, salads, stuffed calamari, baby octopus, roast beef and various other pasta dishes including the much talked about handmade black in ‘Sorghum large ravioli’ stuffed with salmon. 




For dessert we ordered the incredible almond and orange cake with dairy free cream, the perfect way to end an incredible meal! You could also choose from cheesecake, tiramisu and raspberry mousse.


As you can see, Leggero is a fantastic gluten free restaurant in London which is perfect for anyone with Coeliac disease or just looking to enjoy a delicious meal. For a chance to win a £30 voucher to eat in Leggero, head over to my Instagram page (@glutenfreealice) for more details.

Alice x

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  1. AJ says:

    Oh my! That restaurant looks amazing! It would be so nice to go somewhere where you can eat almost everything!!! I’m glad you got to enjoy it:)

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