October 15, 2017

New freefrom finds in Tesco!

Tesco is definitely my favourite supermarket for freefrom options and the supermarket that I choose to shop in most weeks. My local Tesco Extra has a freefrom section that spans the whole length of the aisle, as well as a huge freefrom fridge and freezer section! I’m so impressed with some of the new gluten and dairy free options that they have recently started selling, which includes some of their own brand products as well as some well known brands who are starting to sell freefrom alternatives. If you are newly diagnosed coeliac and unsure of which supermarket would best suit your needs, Tesco would be my recommendation. Here are some of my favourite freefrom finds from the last month:

Vegan Ben and Jerry’s 

Ben and Jerry’s have recently released 3 new non dairy flavours in the UK, of which, 1 of the flavours is also gluten free. The Chunky Monkey non-dairy ice cream is banana flavoured with chocolate and walnut chunks and suitable for vegans. It may be expensive, but its a perfect treat and tastes incredible!


Paxo Gluten free Sage and Onion Stuffing 

Finding a gluten free stuffing can be tricky and sometimes making your own can be difficult and time consuming. This new Paxo gluten free stuffing pack can be mixed with boiling water and a small amount of dairy free butter, cooked in the oven for 20 minutes and it’s ready! The perfect accompaniment for a Sunday roast.


Gluten free gravy granules

Tesco have also started selling a variety of different gravy granules, which also make your Sunday roast much easier and less stressful! You could opt for the Bisto gluten free version or the Tesco’s own freefrom version which is cheaper and still tastes great! This comes in 3 different flavours, chicken, beef and vegetable.

Gluten and dairy free chocolate eclairs! 

I couldn’t believe my luck when I came across these gluten and dairy free chocolate eclairs in the freezer section a few weeks ago! Normally, these sort of products contain milk which I am unable to eat, so the fact they are also dairy free is amazing! I have to say, these taste delicious and definitely as good as the Rule of Crumb version which are much more expensive.


Chocolate Gateau 

Another gluten and dairy free freezer find was this chocolate gateau which is the perfect indulgent dessert when having friends or family round as it serves 6 people. An amazing combination of cake, ice cream and chocolate moose.


Toad in the Hole 

Who doesn’t love a classic toad in the hole?! This new freefrom version can be kept in the freezer and cooked from frozen, great for one of the nights where you just don’t feel like faffing around in the kitchen! I don’t normally buy ready meals but couldn’t resist trying this.


Mac and Cheese 

Another ready meal I have been loving recently is this Mac and Cheese. I’m not normally a ready meal sort of person and prefer to cook from scratch however, this is perfect for those nights where you are in a rush and don’t have time to cook. It’s also great that its dairy free so that everyone can enjoy it!


Spiced bean wedges 

These vegetarian spiced bean wedges are a great side to have with dinner and can also be brought in the freezer section. They are filled with a combination of beans, peppers and spices with a crispy outer layer.


Mrs Crimble’s Madeleine’s 

I have been really enjoying these classic and chocolate filled madeleines recently. They remind me of the sort of cakes you would get on holiday in France and the perfect gluten free replica! I love both flavours but have to say the chocolate is my favourite and the one I would recommend to everyone.


Moma salted caramel and almond butter porridge 

I love Moma porridge, so when I heard about this new flavour I had to try it! Almond butter and salted caramel are the ideal combination of flavours and if you haven’t tried this, you need to. I love taking this to work as a quick and easy breakfast.


Deliciously Ella Oat bars 

Another great new addition to Tesco are these Deliciously Ella gluten free oat bars which come in 3 different flavours, my favourite being the apple, raisin and cinnamon. These bars are not located in the freefrom section, instead they are with the ‘normal’ bars so something to look out for!


Go Ahead goodness bars 

I have never tried any Go ahead products before due to them containing gluten, so was excited to hear that they had released a gluten free bar. They can be brought in 3 different flavours, contain 100% natural ingredients and taste great!


Gluten free Scampi 

Scampi used to be one of my favourite things to eat out back when I could have gluten! If we went out for a meal I would always go for scampi and chips. When I found this gluten free version in the freezer I had to try them and they didn’t disappoint!


Mr Kipling cakes 

Mr Kipling have recently started selling 3 new gluten free cake options – country slices, chocolate brownies and bakewell slices. It’s great that all these big brands are starting to sell gluten free alternatives!

As well as all of the above, I have also come across various more freefrom products which I am yet to try but thought I would include incase anyone was interested in seeing what else Tesco has to offer.


















So as you can see, I’m a huge Tesco fan and couldn’t recommend the freefrom section enough! I hope this blog has given you some inspiration for new products you could try, let me know your favourite!

Alice x

5 responses to “New freefrom finds in Tesco!”

  1. AJ says:

    I am so jealous!! Gluten free products are becoming a bit more available here but it’s super tough to find items that are both dairy free and gluten free. Nowhere near a whole aisle, more like a six inch section of the shelf:(

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  5. Bridget says:

    Wish Tesco Ireland would stock these be lucky sometimes to find a nice pk of biscuits

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