Deliciously Alchemy gluten and dairy free celebration cake kit

Deliciously Alchemy is one of my favourite gluten free brands, so when I heard that they were releasing a gluten and dairy free celebration cake kit I was very excited to try it! The cake kit contains everything you need to make a perfect chocolate celebration cake which includes chocolate sponge mix, chocolate icing, sprinkles and white icing to write your personal message.


The cake is so simple to make and all you will  need in addition to the kit is dairy free spread, 3 large eggs (or egg replacer for a vegan option) and water. This is ideal for beginners or if you need to make a quick and easy last minute celebration cake! As well as being easy to make, the cake is also super delicious!

I used the cake mix to make a birthday cake for my (also Coeliac) Mums 50th birthday last weekend and it went down extremely well! A lot of my family members are also Coeliac so a cake kit like this is ideal for us! Here are some photos of my take of the gluten and dairy free cake which was the perfect centrepiece for a 50th birthday celebration!







The perfect kit to make a delicious gluten and dairy free celebration cake for any occasion and can be picked up in Tesco for £5! Let me know if you try the kit and what you think of it!

Alice x  



  1. September 25, 2017 / 10:14 pm

    Sounds delicious! Glad everyone enjoyed it:)

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