September 18, 2017

Where you can find gluten and dairy free ‘on the go’ lunch options in the UK

I have always found lunch the hardest meal of the day to try and think of tasty gluten and dairy free ideas for. It’s difficult when you work full time, go to School, or University and have to prep your lunch the night before and be super organised, which is never something I have been very good at doing. Therefore being able to buy a quick ‘on the go’ lunch during my work lunch break is essential for me and up until recently, this has been pretty difficult! Its all sandwiches, cold pasta dishes, baguettes, sausage rolls etc! There’s been numerous occasions where I have dragged my boyfriend around countless different shops for hours to try and find something I can actually eat for lunch! The worst feeling is when you are so hungry and there’s just nothing you can eat – ‘Hangry’ comes to mind! However, recently a fair few shops have stepped up their game and have finally been offering freefrom lunch options – yay! Here are some of my favourite ‘on the go’ gluten and dairy free lunch options which can be picked up from various supermarkets, cafes and restaurants in the UK.

M&S prawn mayonaise sandwich

My all time favourite gluten and dairy free sandwich, and the one I included in my recent August Favourites blog is the M&S ‘made without wheat’ prawn mayonaise on soft seeded bread. It’s so tasty, packed full of prawns and the bread is lovely! A quick and easy sandwich to pick up on the go from most Marks and Spencer’s food stores around the UK.


M&S BLT sandwich 

Another M&S sandwich that I love is the bacon, lettuce and tomato which is actually currently included in the M&S meal deal. You can get a sandwich, drink and bag of crisps  or side for £3.50 which is perfect on your lunch break! The majority of the gluten free sandwiches and wraps in M&S unfortunately contain milk, but having the BLT and prawn mayonaise as dairy free options is still great as I love them both!


Cafe Nero rosemary chicken roll and crumble 

I recently came across a couple of new gluten free finds in Cafe Nero, the gluten and dairy free rosemary chicken roll and apple and blackcurrant crumble. The chicken roll is served with vine tomatoes, rosemary mayo and served in a gluten free roll. It’s so great that lots of chain coffee shops are now selling freefrom options! I would definitely recommend trying the vegan crumble – a delicious sweet treat to get you through an afternoon of work!


Sainsbury’s chicken, tomato and basil wrap 

Sainsbury’s have recently started selling a few gluten free sandwiches and wraps which is great! Unfortunately, the sandwiches do contain milk so the only option I could have was the ‘on the go’ chicken, tomato and basil wrap. It still tasted great though and I have been picking this up on my work break on a regular basis!


Pret gluten and dairy free soup

I love soup, especially in the winter months when it’s cold outside! This red thai chicken and vegetable soup from Pret is delicious and perfect served with a gluten free roll. I picked up a single roll from M&S as well as a couple of other treats! – Apple wedges with peanut butter and a small Ombar. Pret also sell a few other gluten and dairy free flavoured soups, one of them being a delicious vegetable tagine which is also suitable for vegans.


M&S Nourish Bowl 

M&S have very recently started selling 3 ‘Nourish bowls’ – 2 of which are gluten and dairy free! My favourite is this edamame and black rice bowl which, as you can see below, is super colourful and healthy! I’m not normally a huge salad fan, however the variety of ingredients in this bowl all taste amazing together!


Bagelman, Brighton 

If you live around the Brighton area, a great on the go lunch option for you is Bagelman, which is a chain bagel shop. They serve gluten free bagels with a huge variety of fillings, During my recent visit to Brighton, I opted for a chicken, bacon and avocado gluten free bagel with sweet chilli sauce. A delicious lunch spot which I would definitely visit more regularly if I lived in the area! If you would like to see more of my gluten and dairy free food finds from when I visited Brighton, click here.


Nibsy’s gluten free cafe, Reading 

Nibsy’s is a entirely gluten free cafe based in Reading Centre which sells a variety of different gluten free sandwiches, pasta dishes, cakes and more – click here for a full review. I regularly visit Reading as this is where my boyfriend’s family lives, so I always pop into the cafe to pick up gluten free goodies! They sell a gluten and dairy free lemon chicken sandwich which is delicious! As you can see from the photo below, I also picked up a couple of gluten and dairy free cakes/doughnuts too!


I hope this blog has given you some inspiration on where you can find/buy gluten and dairy free ‘on the go’ lunch options. Let me know if you would be interested in seeing another post with my homemade lunch ideas that you can prep the night before and take to work or school.

Alice x 

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  1. […] I have been loving the new M&S Edamame and black rice nourish bowl this month. I’m not normally much of a salad person however all of the different ingredients in this taste amazing together. These bowls can be brought in Mark’s and Spencer’s for £3.50 and are gluten and dairy free! If you would like to see more quick ‘on the go’ lunch ideas in the UK, click here. […]

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