September 17, 2017

My top places to find gluten and dairy free pizza!

Pizza is definitely one of those foods that everyone loves, and I’m no exception. However, finding pizza that is both gluten and dairy free can be difficult. You tend to find gluten free pizzas but with normal cheese or vegan pizzas with a gluten filled base, which is a pain for people like me, that are both gluten and dairy free. Over the last couple of years, I have been hunting down all of the best gluten and dairy free pizza options and I now have a fantastic list of choices. It also helps that  supermarkets and restaurants have recently stepped up their game when it comes to providing  freefrom food which is amazing! Here are my top gluten and dairy free pizza options including both shop and restaurant brought choices.


Possibly my all time favourite pizza option, Zizzi’s offers a detailed allergen menu including a page of gluten free, non dairy and vegan options. The majority of the pizzas on the normal menu can be made on a gluten free base with vegan cheese and they all taste amazing! They also stick ‘Non Gluten’ and ‘Non Dairy’ stickers on the plate which is perfect and stops any anxiety you may have in case they have given you the wrong one! The below pizza is topped with chicken, mushrooms and spinach.


Pizza Express 

Pizza Express have only just started offering vegan cheese so I only recently visited, but was very impressed. They don’t have a special gluten free menu but the normal menu states that ‘any pizza can be made with a gluten free base’ and to ‘make sure to inform your waiter if the pizza doesn’t come out on a black board’ as this is how they serve all of their gluten free options. I went for a vegan pizza with artichokes, black olives, onions, mushrooms and topped with vegan cheese. I was also very impressed with the texture of the base and would definitely return.


The Stable 

The stable offers a range of gluten free pizza options along with a vegan menu. I normally pick a pizza from the vegan menu and ask for a gluten free base. The menu states that the gluten free dough is specially made on site and to inform your waiter of any allergens and intolerances prior to arrival. The pizza below is a spicy vegan option with peppers, chilli, onion, basil, mushrooms and vegan mozzarella.


The White Rabbit pizza company 

If you haven’t heard of the White Rabbit Pizza company, then you are missing out! They are a UK based gluten free pizza brand that have recently released a Smokin’ Vegan option which I was lucky enough to win in a competition over on Instagram! The pizza’s are absolutely delicious and can be brought in Sainsburys. I have always missed out when my boyfriend buys a supermarket pizza for dinner, but I now also have a quick and easy option which is perfect!



Nibsy’s gluten free cafe – Reading 

Nibsy’s is an entirely gluten free cafe in Reading town centre which specialises in gluten free cakes, and also sells a range of sandwiches, pasta, pastry dishes and also pizza! They have recently perfected their gluten free pizza dough and this can be brought for lunch with a vegan cheese topping. If you live around the area or ever get chance to visit, I would definitely recommend popping in! The below pizza is topped with mushrooms, vegan cheese, salad and dairy free potato salad. For a full review of Nibsy’s click here.


Infinity Foods, Brighton 

I recently visited Brighton for the very first time and was amazed at all of the gluten and dairy free options. Click here to see for a full review of all the food I found. I visited Infinity foods supermarket which has an amazing bakery at the back of the store with a range of gluten free bread, pizza and cake. They also have vegan cheese options which is perfect to pick up whilst you are on the go! Below is a photo of the gluten free options with a huge tray of gluten free, vegan pizza.


Deliciously Alchemy gluten free white bread mix! 

I was recently very kindly sent some products from Deliciously Alchemy, which is a gluten free brand that specialises in cake and bread mixes. For a full review please click here. I used the gluten free white bread mix to make pizza dough by adding water and olive oil and it worked perfectly! I topped the pizza with dairy free violife cheese and pepperoni. A perfect at home gluten and dairy free pizza option!


So there you have it, my top gluten and dairy free pizza options. I really hope this post has been helpful for if you are in the same situation as me, being gluten and dairy free but missing pizza! Let me know if you know of any other options as I always love to try new things.

Alice x 

5 responses to “My top places to find gluten and dairy free pizza!”

  1. AJ says:

    I want to eat them all!! We have a Daiya gluten free/ dairy free frozen pizza here, but I have to admit I didn’t love it. Recently I’ve been getting gf pizza and bringing it home and grating my dairy free cheese on it. Your options all sound better though:)

  2. Christine Gill says:

    Hi Alice Enjoyed your recent pizza post. Making me feel hungry! See you at the weekend. Nan x🍕

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  3. Pizza Express by far is the best I’ve had so far! Yum..but I want to try the other places now. This post is perfect. Pizza is everything haha xx

  4. […] The White Rabbit is an amazing pizza company specialising in gluten free pizza. They have recently released a ‘Smokin vegan’ pizza which uses a dairy free cheese on a gluten free base topped with olives, peppers and chilli. If you are Coeliac, gluten intolerant, milk intolerant, or vegan I can’t recommend this pizza enough! It’s perfect as a quick and easy dinner and means I can also enjoy shop brought pizza on family pizza nights! White Rabbit pizza can be brought in Sainsbury’s. If you would like to see my recent blog with my top picks for gluten and dairy free pizza, click here. […]

  5. I loved this blog post! I just recently tried the Pizza Express one and it was lovely! 🙂 x

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