August 20, 2017

My top picks for gluten free bread!

Gluten free bread can be extremely hit and miss! We all know the struggle of grabbing a slice of bread to find a giant hole in the middle, falling apart or half the size of normal bread, not to mention the fact that it is normally triple the price of ordinary bread!

Tip: Buy gluten free bread when it’s reduced in the supermarkets and freeze.

Over the last 8 or so years (since I was diagnosed as Coeliac) I have tried so many gluten free bread alternatives and decided on my favourites! I have to say, gluten free bread has improved enormously over the last year and there are actually some very tasty options now. Here are my top picks which are all free from gluten, wheat and milk:

Newburn Bakehouse Tiger Artisan Bloomer 

This is honestly the nicest gluten free bread I have tasted to date! I was very kindly given a loaf at the Allergy and Freefrom show earlier this year and have been buying it ever since! It’s crusty on the outside and soft on the inside. Perfect both toasted and not. This loaf can be brought in both Sainsbury’s and Waitrose.


Schar Wholesome White Loaf 

This Schar gluten free loaf is made with sourdough for a lighter texture and is perfect toasted or for sandwiches. Unlike other gluten free bread, it never has any big holes in the middle and never falls apart which is great! It also has an amazing taste – Another favourite of mine which also comes in a plastic container to ensure it doesn’t get squashed. This bread can be picked up in most supermarkets including Sainsburys and Tesco.



Burgen Sunflower and Chia seed loaf

This gluten free bread contains sunflower seeds, chia Seeds and linseeds and is gluten, wheat and dairy free. The bread has a nutty and crunchy taste, is high in fibre and omega 3 and a healthier alternative to a normal loaf. It can be picked up in most major UK supermarkets.


Sainsbury’s Fresh Bread

Sainsbury’s have recently started selling fresh gluten free bread (In the bakery section) which is wrapped to prevent cross contamination. They sell a variety of loafs and batons which are all amazing, however my favourite is the white baton. Perfect for sandwiches and almost tastes as if you are eating normal bread! A definite recommendation from me and is always reduced at the end of the day!



Newburn Bakehouse Seeded Sourdough Artisan Cob 

Another Newburn Bakehouse loaf which is too good not to mention! This loaf is the same style as the Tiger Loaf but is brown and seeded with a crusty outside. Perfect if you are more of a brown bread type of person. This bread is amazing toasted and served with avocado, tomatoes and scrambled egg! It can be found in Sainsburys, Waitrose or Ocado.



Marks and Spencer’s made without wheat sourdough sandwich thins 

Not a typical ‘loaf of bread’ however I often have sandwich thins for my lunch instead of bread as they are less stodgy and very tasty! My favourite (closely followed by the Newburn Bakehouse thins) are the Marks and Spencer’s sourdough sandwich thins. These thins are a natural source of vitamin D, high in fibre and perfect for a packed lunch for school or work! They are also lovely toasted.


Genius slices fruit loaf

For a sweet treat, try this Genius sliced fruit loaf with sweet currants, raisins and cinnamon. This fruit loaf is perfect toasted with dairy free spread for breakfast or a mid afternoon snack and can be brought in most major UK supermarkets.


I hope this post has come in useful for those of you struggling to find a tasty gluten (and milk free) loaf of bread! Let me know what your favourite gluten free loaf is!

Alice x

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  1. Nicki says:

    And don’t forget you can make a fantastic bread and butter pudding with the Genius fruit loaf. X

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  2. […] Newburn Bakehouse tiger bloomer: Now for my top gluten free bread pick, Newburn Bakehouse (Soon to be, Warbutons Gluten Free) Tiger Bloomer! If you haven’t tried this yet, you need to! Gluten free bread can be very hit or miss (mainly miss) but this is honestly the best I have tried to date. To read all about my top picks for gluten free bread, click here.  […]

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