August 6, 2017

New Lidl Freefrom Products

I never normally shop in Lidl due to there normally being absolutely no freefrom options, however after hearing they were having a ‘gluten free week’, I headed straight down to my local Lidl to check it out and was pleasantly surprised! All of the freefrom products were in the ‘while stocks last’ section so if you are going to pop down then I suggest going as soon as possible! Hopefully selling gluten free products is something that Lidl will start doing more frequently (or permanently!) as I’m sure it will bring in more shoppers like me! Here’s what I found:






If you are interested in checking out some of Lidl’s ‘while stocks last’ products, get down to your local supermarket as soon as possible before they all run out!

Alice x



One response to “New Lidl Freefrom Products”

  1. Wow really? I had no clue! I have a lidl only a 10 minute walk from my house, I need to pay them a visit!

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