July 9, 2017

Kind snack bars!

A few weeks ago I was very ‘Kind’ly sent a box of Kind bars to try out and I have to say that they are now my new favourite snack bar! Snacking is something that I tend to do a lot of so finding a snack bar which is tasty but not full of sugar and other unhealthy ingredients is essential! One of Kind’s main selling points is that they only contain ‘Ingredients you can pronounce’ as they believe that if you can’t pronounce it, it shouldn’t be going inside your body or even your cupboard!

The bars are made from whole nuts, fruits and spices, bound together with honey with up to 72% nuts! The range comes in 8 different flavours which I have now had the opportunity to try. The best thing about them is that they are all totally gluten free and all (apart from 1 flavour) are also dairy free!

Which flavours do they sell?

-Maple glazed pecan and sea salt

-Madagascan vanilla almond

-Dark chocolate nuts and sea salt

-Caramel almond and sea salt (NOT dairy free)

-Almond and coconut

-Cranberry almond and macadamia nuts

-Dark chocolate and cherry cashew

-Peanut butter and dark chocolate

So now the question is, which is my favourite flavour? 

After trying each of the flavours I have now finally decided on my favourites!

1. Dark chocolate nuts and sea salt

2. Maple glazed pecan and sea salt

3. Peanut butter and dark chocolate

Where can I buy them? 

Kind bars are available to buy online as well as in Tesco, Wholefoods, Waitrose, and Sainsburys!


Give the bars a try and I promise you will not be disappointed!

Alice x

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