June 16, 2017

What I ate in Cape Verde! (gluten and dairy free)

If you follow me on Instagram you will probably have seen that I have just got back from a weeks holiday in Cape Verde. I was initially very worried about what I would be able to eat whilst over there – As a Coeliac who is also intolerant to milk its often very difficult when eating out however I had absolutely no issues (yay!). Before leaving I decided to be safe and would pack some gluten and milk free extras in my suitcase just in case I got stuck and couldn’t find anything I could eat. As you can see below I had a great selection of peanut butter, B Free pitta breads, Newburn Bakehouse wraps, lots of snack bars (Nairn’s, Nakd bars, Pulsin bars), dried fruit and nuts and freefrom porridge sachets! – I was all prepared for if I was struggling to find something at the hotel however, the food was so brilliant I hardly had to touch any of it!


We travelled with Thomson and as the flight was over 6 hours we got a meal on the plane. I ordered a gluten  free meal in advance but wasn’t really expecting a lot so ate beforehand however, was very surprised when my meal turned up. It was brought out before everyone else’s, was clearly labeled with all the ingredients (Gluten and dairy free!) and even had a yummy BFree roll included. – Very impressed! Although it wasn’t the nicest food in the world it was still great to be able to eat something on the plane so I would recommend Thomson to any Coeliacs!


We stayed at the Sol Dunas resort in Sal and it was lovely – a huge resort with lots of different pools, bars, restaurants and next to the beach. The hotel was clean, the staff were friendly and we had such a lovely time. In terms of the food – We were all inclusive and had the choice to eat in 3 different restaurants – The main buffet restaurant, a Grill restaurant and an Italian. To be honest – I was a little bit disappointed as there wasn’t anything I could eat in the Italian or Grill (Unless I wanted a salad!) however, this was ok as there were plenty of options in the buffet restaurant including gluten free rolls for breakfast! – You can imagine my face when I walked in to see them! – I lost count of the amount of rolls I actually ate throughout the week!

IMG_4096.JPGThere were also lots of signs around the restaurant stating that if you had any allergies or intolerances then to ask the staff. They all spoke English and were able to tell me if I could or couldn’t eat anything which was great! Sometimes some dishes have sauces and it’s so hard to tell whether they are gluten/milk free so the fact I could just ask was fab.


In terms of the foods I could eat I had a lot of bacon, beans, eggs, fruit and gluten free bread for breakfast – Which suited me fine! There was a huge selection of different meats, fish, potato dishes, rice, vegetables and salads for dinner so this kept me happy and very full up for the duration. – Overall everything was perfect and I was extremely happy with the food choices I was able to eat. Please see below for photos.

IMG_4514IMG_4560IMG_4580IMG_4583IMG_4585IMG_4593IMG_4595IMG_4605 (1)



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  2. David says:

    Good post thanks going sol Dunas soon, fingers crossed it’s still good

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