May 14, 2017

Welcome to my Blog

Hey – Thank you for visiting my new blog. A little bit about me – I’m Alice, 24 and from the UK currently living in Solihull but originally from Cheltenham. I am very interested in health, nutrition and fitness so spend lots of my evenings and weekends in the gym and testing out new recipes (I do try and eat healthily but am not against treating yourself to yummy treats!). I was tested for Coeliac disease back when I was 16 after finding myself poorly all the time. My Mum and Nan are also Coeliacs so it seemed like it could be likely as I was experiencing many of the symptoms of Coeliac disease – I have been eating a Gluten free diet ever since. In the last year or so I have also found out that I am milk intolerant which was a bit of a pain however I am learning that being gluten and milk free isn’t as hard as you might first think. Yes – you do have to spend more time planning what you are going to eat and its more difficult to grab something on the go but with more and more restaurants and supermarkets coming on board and providing free from options its getting a lot easier. When my mum was first diagnosed back when I was born there wasn’t such a thing as a ‘Free from’ section and she couldn’t even get a loaf of gluten free bread. Now we have a whole designated isle in most supermarkets and lots of restaurants are providing a separate gluten free menu which for me is fab!

I hope this blog is useful for all my fellow Coeliacs and dairy free friends – I hope to show you lots of my gluten and dairy free recipes, restaurant reviews (and where I go to eat out) along with new gluten free products that I come across along the way.

If you don’t already then follow me on Instagram to see what I’m eating on a daily basis – @glutenfreealice

Alice x

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