Nibsy’s gluten free cafe – Reading!

For anyone that lives near to or around Reading in the UK you need to get down to Nibsy’s! It’s an entirely gluten free cafe located in the centre of Reading where you can get sandwiches, cakes, toasties, pasta, coffee etc! My boyfriend’s family live in Reading so whenever we go to visit I go straight to Nibsy’s to see what treats I can buy! Everything in the cafe is gluten free and there are signs up saying ‘No gluten products to be consumed on the premises’ which I personally think is great! Obviously I’m milk intolerant too so can’t eat everything there but they label all of there cakes and sandwiches with a list of allergens that they contain and they do a variety of milk free and vegan options.

They are a little pricey but when you know that your food is being preparing in a completely Coeliac friendly kitchen I think you are willing to pay the little bit extra. That and the fact that buying the gluten free ingredients in the first place is probably quite expensive! Every time I have been into the cafe its always super full of people and it kind of makes me happy that theres all these other Coeliacs out there that can congregate in one place.

I visited this weekend and treated myself to an almond milk latte and a slice of gluten/dairy/refined sugar free sweet potato, apricot and honey cake (Which they warmed for me and was delicious!). I also had took a lemon doughnut home with me to have the next day (However I had already eaten it as soon as I left the shop – Oops – Thats why I go to the gym – So I can eat as much cake as I like 🙂 ). The doughnuts were dairy free and vegan – How do they make them taste so good?!


I have been to Reading a few times in the last couple of months so have also picked up a few other treats to try. At the top we have (another) lemon doughnut and a carrot cake muffin and at the bottom we have a lemon chicken sandwich, a vanilla cupcake and a cinnamon sugar doughnut. – All gluten and dairy free.



If you couldn’t already tell I would definitely recommend Nibsy’s to anyone in the area. If you wanted to check out there website here you go:



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